Wellness And Injury Prevention Program

We have over 20 years’ experience providing pre-work stretching, injury prevention, wellness, fitness programs and training services. All our staff are licensed health care providers with experience in training and treating/restoring people to their jobs. We continue to upgrade our education on an annual basis to keep up with the latest exercise trends/fads.  


Our Services have been utilized by many employers in the county for injury prevention and rehabilitation (Technicolor, Proctor and Gamble-Kal Star, and Gills Onions to name a few). The goal is to educate employees to prepare their bodies to function in the manner that their job demands. Our licensed health care providers will meet with the employer and observe employees in action. From there we develop an individualized program and training schedule. The staff providing these services include licensed health care providers, licensed Physical Therapist, licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, certified Athletic Trainer, and Registered Dietitian (RD). 


We also provide continuous services for a variety of local city and county service departments.


ox fire.jpg

City of Oxnard Fire Department

(Partnership began 2001)

Ox Popo.jpg

City of Oxnard Police Department

(Partnership began 2003)

ven fire.jpg

City of Ventura Fire Department

(Partnership began 2008)

Vent Count.gif

Ventura County Fire Protection Agency 

(Partnership began 2013)


Carpenteria ~ Summerland Fire Protection District

(Partnership began 2018)

During the last 18 years, the Fire Department Wellness Program has become a high-level program comparable to other departments across the United States. One of the first tangible measures as to the commitment and success of a Wellness Program is participation. The Fire participation in the 2014 Fitness/Wellness Program was at an all-time high with 96.4% of personnel participating in the annual assessments. This statistic cannot be under appreciated. It demonstrates that the Departments have a strong consistent commitment to keeping fit for duty/life.