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What is PNF?

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or PNF was developed in the 1940s as a series of techniques aimed at improving muscular coordination, strength, endurance, mobility, and control. The technique includes different resistance patterns and basic movement patterns. The basic movements of PNF include 2 lower extremity patterns and 2 upper extremity patterns which incorporate muscle groups commonly used together during daily activities.

Upper Extremity D1

The first movement is similar to bringing a fork to your mouth to eat. The second movement is similar to pulling your seat belt across your body in the car.

Upper Extremity D2

The first movement is similar to reaching into a cabinet. The second movement is similar to reaching into your pocket.

How do we use PNF in the clinic?

We use these movement patterns with a variety of patients. Many of our patients post op from rotator cuff surgery use these motions to gain strength and endurance. These exercises are great for patients who have coordination deficits following a stroke or associated with neurological disorders like Multiple Sclerosis. Also, the band exercises are often included in injury prevention programs for young athletes.

Can I perform these exercises at home?

Yes! Because of the diagonal nature of the movement, these exercises work best using an elastic band or a cable system for resistance.

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