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Safely Returning to the Gym

Starting back up at the gym after a long layoff can be done safely. Do not expect to jump back in where you left off. Before getting back to your normal gym routine it is important to start slow, whether it be lifting weights, doing cardio, or going to an exercise class. We also need to keep in mind that we are currently going through the COVID-19 pandemic, which presents another obstacle in getting back to the gym safely. If you enjoy a good gym workout and are craving to get back at it, there are a few things to keep in mind.

• Ask your gym what steps they are taking to keep you safe.

• Social distance as much as possible when exercising near someone.

• Use a towel as a barrier when touching equipment.

• Remember to clean the equipment before and after using it.


• Wash your hands before leaving the gym.

• When it comes to exercising, start slow and use less weight.

• Use weight machines and work your way up to using free weights again.

• Begin with circuit training and work your way back to focusing on a particular muscle group.

• Be prepared for some soreness. Your body is adjusting to a new stress you are putting it through.

Remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger was not built in a day. You will not get big, strong, and fit by going hard on your first day back to the gym after a long layoff. Getting in shape takes time. So be careful, be safe, and be smart.

Written by Zachary Bethel, PTA

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