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Quick Tips for a Healthy Back

One of the most common issues that brings a person into a Physical Therapy office is lower back pain. In fact, almost 80% of us will have a significant issue with our lower back at some point in our life time.

Much of the pain associated with your lower back is related to the amount of forward movement we do on a daily basis. Things like bending, lifting, and household chores put repeated stress on the anterior (front) structures in the spine. Even prolonged sitting can contribute greatly to this problem. Just think about how often you bend forward (or sit) during the course of the day. Now compare this to how often you bend backward. Big difference, right? We need to consider balancing this stress on the spine more often during the course of our day.

Here are some tips to help you alleviate and prevent back pain:

1. These two simple exercises can help you achieve more balance in your spinal stress.

2. When sitting, insert a lumbar roll behind your back to prevent excessive anterior stress. Do this at home, work, and in the car.

3. Tightness of the hip muscles cause a great deal of problems in the low back. Stretching of the hip flexors, hamstrings, and piriformis muscles can greatly eliminate your back pain.

4. Try and get some level of regular general exercise daily. This can be as simple as a 30 minute walk. Studies show that people that perform regular exercise have less problems with their back. They also recover more quickly than those who go on bedrest after an injury.

We will try and cover more tips for spinal pain, including core strengthening, in future posts. Stay tuned!!

Brian McMahon, PT


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