A Message from Our Therapists

At Performance Therapy Center we understand that receiving physical therapy care for the first time might make you feel nervous or anxious. We want you to know that we acknowledge potential concerns and we are here to help you feel comfortable and confident throughout your healing process.


During your first visit you will meet with your physical therapist. You will discuss your current needs for physical therapy and receive a physical examination which will give your physical therapist information to create a personalized treatment plan. Your treatment plan will help you heal and meet your goals.

Things to Know Before Your First Appointment

  • Wear comfortable clothing or bring comfortable clothing to change into.

  • Bring your insurance card.

  • Bring any prescriptions or insurance authorization.

  • Be prepared to complete medical history paperwork or bring completed paperwork, located in the download center. Click here to access the download center.

  • Bring a list of current medications you are taking.

  • Bring any X-Ray, MRI, or medical reports if available.

  • Bring your appointment book or calendar for scheduling future appointments

  • Bring your preferred form of payment

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a typically appointment?

Please allow anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour for most visits.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Comfortable clothing is key. If your appointment is during work hours, you can bring clothing with you and change at the facility.

Will my insurance plan cover my physical therapy?

Performance Therapy Center accepts most insurance plans and participates with many major and minor insurance providers. Most physical therapy services are covered by health insurance plans. We can assist you in determining your insurance coverage.

How much will I have to pay for physical therapy?

The amount paid out of pocket depends on your individual plan and coverage. We will gladly verify your insurance and explain your benefits and financial responsibility before your first visit. If you do not have insurance coverage, discounted cash rates are available and vary depending on diagnosis and treatment. 

Is physical therapy only for athletes?

At Performance Therapy Center we treat a variety of injuries including non-sports related, work-related, post-surgical, sports related, as a result of an accident, and many other injuries.

Is physical therapy going to hurt?

Often one of the primary goals of physical therapy is to reduce pain. This is often accomplished through hands on techniques, exercises, and use of modalities including ultrasound, laser, electrical stimulation, and heat/cold therapy.

In some cases to achieve desired goals it is necessary to work on musculature or joints to increase movement or strength. At times this type of care can be uncomfortable, but you can take comfort in knowing that it is being delivered safely and effectively by a skilled physical therapist.